Tristan Schmidt

Tristan Schmidt started taking lessons in classical piano at the age of six. He studied with Dianne Bolte and Joop van Zon. Over the years Tristan developed an interest in jazz and improvisation and from the age of seventeen he took jazz lessons with Bert van den Brink. After his admittance to the Conservatory of Amsterdam (an Academy of the Amsterdam School of the Arts) at age nineteen, he studied with Rob van Bavel, Matthijs Verschoor, Karel Boehlee and Hans Vroomans. In 2021 he obtained his master’s degree in Music, cum laude, with a 9.5 final grade.

With his classical background, his exceptional timing and responsiveness in the millisecond, wide range of timbre and techniques, raw emotional expression and mastery of multiple genres (blues, rock, country, popular music and easy listening), Tristan surprises the listener time and time again. His performances at home and abroad are high level and full of virtuosity, inventive improvisation, energy and feeling.

Tristan performs both jazz standards and his own work such as his Lack of Lackness composed for the Tristan Schmidt Trio. His preferred ensemble combo is piano, bass and drums (see also: Tristan Schmidt Trio).

Testimonials about Tristan Schmidt

Karel Boehlee, jazz piano instructor at the Conservatory of Amsterdam:

Tristan Schmidt is a great pianist and a natural improviser. His melodic lines are very adventurous, surprising, and rhythmic and their microscopic precision results in true euphoria.

Rob van Bavel, jazz piano instructor at the Conservatory of Amsterdam:

Tristan has an exceptional talent for jazz improvisation, is a great pianist with a beautiful sound in ballads and he swings hard! It was great to work with such a creative mind as Tristan during the many years he studied at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. In the past 32 years of my teaching, I have very rarely experienced such a real talent for jazz .

Maurice Broussard, former instructor at the Hilversum Conservatory:

Tristan Schmidt knows how to combine a brilliant technique with pleasant melodic lines in a rare way. The result is an atmospheric, original and dynamic improvisational style, with a solid phrase structure and room for harmonic surprises. All in all, Tristan is a young, yet musically mature pianist, who, with his great talent, can provide the audience with hours of listening pleasure.

Frans Ehlhart, pianist/composer:

I am very impressed by Tristan Schmidt, how he has developed and continues to develop. He’s a real “jazz cat”. I wonder where his music will go next.

Edwin Rutten, jazz singer, actor, presenter:

(About the CD Standards live 3)

Played the CD three times.

Driving bass, subtle drummer, original pianist: sparkling right hand, especially in those very high regions.

The Tristan Schmidt Trio

Tristan Schmidt began a musical collaboration with bassist William Barrett and drummer Tim Hennekes in 2019. Schmidt is the driving force behind this fantastic, innovative trio. The ensemble has been playing in Amsterdam (their hometown) and Berlin for many years. From the first moment they played together the trio formed a strong musical bond. Their music is characterized by a corresponding love for swing and jazz standards, in which they take a completely fresh, energetic approach. They seek a balance between romance and heavy bebop. The trio brings a wide variety of dynamics, sound and repertoire to every performance.

They have had a number of brilliant performances, with highlights that include appearances at the Bimhuis, the Concertgebouw and the B-flat jazz club in Berlin. They have also released a number of CDs, which are listed on the 'Records' page. Some performances can also be viewed on YouTube, and some records can listened on YoutubeMusic, Spotify and Soundcloud.